Kongressaktivitäten Dr. Welf Prager


Safety and Performance of Etermis 3 and 4 in Wrinkles/Folds Treatment and Facial Volume Enhancement 18.08.2021

A Prospective, Evaluator-Blinded, Open-Label Study



DGBT-Fachtagung (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Botulinumtoxin-Therapie e.V.), Frankfurt 23./24.02.2018

Live-Demonstration spitz gegen stumpf: Wo passt was?

Workshop State oft he Art – innovative Behandlungsstrategien mit minimalinvasiven Verfahren

Jeddah Injection Booth Camp/ SaudiDerm, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate 08.-12.02.2018

Education Presentation on fillers and toxin workshops

Therapies for facial Tightening, Scar treatments, new technology of Botulinum toxin and Filler

International Master Course on Aging Science- IMCAS, Paris 03.02.2018

Lecture – New Aesthetic Neurotoxin Treatment Options


Workshop Xeomin, Radiesse, Belotero, Hamburg 09.12.2017

Lecture & Live demonstration full treatment and analysis with Xeomin,Radiesse and Belotero

International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology, ICAD 2017, Bangkok 23.-25.11.2017

Precise injection technique – how to increase longevity

Minimally invasive upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Injection technique with CaHA for nose shaping

Workshop Blepharoplastik, Hamburg 18.11.2017

Vortrag Blepharoplastik, CO2 Laser, Plasmage

Live demonstration Blepharoplastik & Plasmage Oberlid

Merz Aesthetics Expert Summit, MAEX, Montreal 11.-12.11.2017

Live Treatment Session The Art of Enhancing the Smile

Merz Aesthetics MAP2P Ex Meeting, Dublin 04.11.2017

Lecture&Live demonstration Jawline and Lower Face Radiesse

Lecture – The Mid Face with Belotero

Merz training Village 2017, Indien 27.-29.10.2017

Lecture & Live demonstration Belotero Volume superiority in mid-face contouring and chin enhancement

Merz Aesthetics MAP2P Ex Meeting, London 14.10.2017

Lecture & Live demonstration The upper Face with Belotero, Jawline and Lower Face Radiesse

Xeomin Expert Meeting, Vietnam 27./28.09.2017

Symposium & Demo Volume vs. Voluma study, two key Xeomin studies

Showcase Injection Techniques and cases with Belotero Intense&Volume

Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine MSAM congress & workshop, Malaysia 23.-25.09.2017

Lecture – Rheology and Radiesse hyperdilution, Belotero Volume rheology in comparison

Rejuvenation in terms of safety besides Aesthetics aspects

  • Radiesse Plus, Hyperdilution details
  • Novel Periorbital Augmentation Technique, and Mid-Face Volumisation
  • Making Science Relevant to Art and Skills- An Advance Facial Rejuvenation Symposium

Treatment – Precision usage with incobotulinumtoxin

Esthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress & Visage, AMEC, Monaco 15./16.09.2017

Lecture – Minimal invasive upper eyelid blepharoplasty with plasma energy

Live-Demo BoNT-A and HA-Combined treatment

Lecture – Cellulite-effective treatment through combination of RF and ultrasound in repetitive treatments

Lecture – Botulinum Toxin: Recent data and guidelines on best practice

Göteborg, 26.08.2017, Klinik Dr. Berne, Vorträge und Live-Demo: Belothero, Radiessse, Boccuture und Ulthera

Training of Israelian Doctors, 12./13.08.2017 with Dr. Welf Prager, Hamburg

Vorträge und Live-Demo – Belotero und Radiesse sowie deren Kombination

International Master Course on Aging Science ASIA, Bali 21.-23.07.2017

Video Presentation


  • Novel Periorbital Augmentation Techniques
  • How to achieve an ideal heart shape face, using injectables and medical
  • Tear Trough/Tiredness – mid-face, temples, preorbital fine lines
  • A balance approach to tear-trough/tiredness

MERZ SYMPOSIUM, Australien, Brisbane 24.07.2017

Titel: Facial beautification and rejuvenation: aholistic approach for natural result
Science Behind the Merz Injectables and Ulthera:
Belotero overview incl. studies (basic knowledge)
Radiesse overview (basic knowledge for Radiesse
incl. all relevant studies, MoA, results and efficiency,
mixing with Lido, clarifying the myths)

Dr. Prager’s experiences and results with the Merz portfolio
hands-on training with Belotero, Radiesse(+)

MERZ, Expertentreffen Türkei, Istanbul 16.06.2017

Presentation with the title of „Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) Dermal Fillers in Combination with ULTHERAPY“

Radiesse and Belotero Workshop at a clinic in Nişantaşı. Hands on training on one Radiesse and one Belotero patient.

Brera Medical Technologies S.r.l., International Distributors Meeting, Neapel, 16.-18.06.2017

PLASMAGE clinical updates and lectures:

  • Global case report on Blefaroplasma
  • Xanthelamas cases report
  • Acne scares cases repor
  • New technical features PLASMAGE
  • Blefaroplasma live demo
  • Imperium MED400 for Body conturing
  • Presentation
  • Live demo

AAD-Kongress, Update, Berlin 09.-10.06.2017

Agenda advanced hands-on training for Medicontur

With Dr. Welf Prager, Hamburg, 02. + 03.06.2017

Science Behind the Merz Injectables and Ulthera
Belotero summary/ key advantages
New Studies from Dr. Prager about Belotero – Volume vs. Voluma
Radiesse summary incl. Consensus Recommendation for Jawline (Dallara)
and Radiesse Dilution Options (Yutskovskaya)

Differentiation Radiesse vs. Radiesse+
Bocouture summary with special focus on purity and immunogenicity
and equi-potency to Botox (Kane and Sattler study)

Ultherapy overview – basic prinicples, mode of action, advantages
through visualisation, temperature and precision. And Patient selection.

Dr. Prager’s experiences and results with the Merz portfolio

Hands-on training with Belotero, Radiesse, Radiesse(+), Bocouture

International congress of Dermatology, Cosmetic& Laser Iran, Teheran 24.-29.05.2017

Lecture:The history of Botulinum Toxin is not finished

Lecture: Comparison of volumizing fillers: scientific background

DGBT Referententreffen, Mallorca, 12.-14.05.2017

Themen: Antikorruption: Konsequenzen für Kurse/DGBT

Vorstellung Fortgeschrittenen-Kurs DGBT


Vorstellung der DGBT-Befragung Ästhetik in Deutschland

26. Jahrestagung der DDL, Hamburg 05.-07.05.2017

Lecture: Kombinationsbehandlung in der periorbitalen Rejuvenation

Peeling: Indikation und Patientenmanagement


Workshop: SculpSure, der erste hyperthermische nicht-invasive Diodenlaser

Vortrag: Peeling

DGAuF, So. 07.05.2017

Lecture und Live Demo: Fadenlift – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen

Kuwaitderma, Kuwait 04.05.2017

Lecture: The safe and efficiant use of Ulthera

49. DDG-Tagung, Berlin 27.04.2017

Mittagsseminar: Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH: Mikrofokussierter Ultraschall – neueste Erkenntnisse zum nichtinvasiven Lifting! (mit Frau Dr. Pavicic)

Aesthetic days Middle East and Africa, Tunesien 20.04-21.04.2017

Lecture with contentual focus on fillers

Lectures with focus on Toxin and Ulthera

Injection sessions

Ulthera treatment sessions

AMWC, Monacco 06.-08.04. 2017

2 booth talk sessions for Belotero and Bocouture combination treatment, Heads up – Toxin and hyaluronic Acid in the Forehead

Live Demo – Difficult Zones: Focus on lower & upper eylid; minimal invasive upper eylid blepharoplasty

Lecture: Body Shaping – updates and best techniques – Body Conturing & Radiofrequence

Lecture: Forehead and eyebrows: A key line of beautification & rejuvenation (mit Dr. Redka-Swoboda)

The dreaded sunken eylids – how to treat and rejuvenate? (mit Dr. Redka-Swoboda)

MERZ Satellite Symposium 07.04.2017

Live Demo: The winning combination for cost-effectiveness and maximal patient’s satisfaction with Belotero Volume and Radiesse

Masterclass Latin America/Asia Pacific, Bogota 01./02.04.2017

Lecture: The power behind Xeomin

Positioning of dermal fillers in our current clinical practice

Xeomin: sky is the limit

Live Demo: Mid-facial techniques (mit Dr. M. Restrepo)

Dubaiderma, Dubai 28.03.2017

Lecture: The safe and efficiant uns of Ulthera

Cellfina-Training, Köln, 17.-18.03.2017


KOL TRAINING SESSION, MERZ, Südafrika, Johanesburg, 08.-11.03.2017

Belotero & Radiesse, Injection session

Live treatment of hands and peri-oral area with facial fillers

Live demo: Injections to re-inflate fat compartments

Ultrasound therapy for non-surgicalskin tightening and lift – what`s new?

Xeomin-Launch, Libanon, Beirut 11.-12.02.2017

Several lectures & hands on sessions

8. EXPERTENTREFFEN, MERZ, Frankfurt/Main, 18.02.2017

Battle: Was ist besser – scharfe, stumpfe Kanüle oder Kombination von beidem?

Live-Behandlungen an der unteren Gesichtshälfte

International Master Course on Aging Science IMCAS, Paris 26.-29.01.2017

Lecture: Combined therapies for facial tightening – Synergistic effects

Scar treatments – now approach with cryotherapy

Belotero – Train the Trainer, Tokio, Japan 09.-13.01.2017

Lecture & Live injections: Periorbital rejuvenation, cheek augmentation, periorial rejuvenation

Injectable Workshop, Singapore, 14.-16.01.2017